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  • 06/16/22 SoCal AHJ-Contractor Q&A Roundtable Meeting

Event details

06/16/22 SoCal AHJ-Contractor Q&A Roundtable Meeting

  • 06/16/2022
  • 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
  • The Atrium Hotel, Irvine CA


  • Individual CAFAA member, or an
    Employee of a CAFAA member company
  • Not an individual CAFAA member
    Not an employee of a CAFAA member company
    Not an active California FPO/AHJ


18700 MacArthur Bl.
Irvine, CA


 7:45am -   8:30am   Breakfast

 8:30am - 11:30pm   CAFAA Q&A Roundtable Meeting

11:30pm - 12:30pm  Lunch

12:30pm -  2:00pm   CAFAA Q&A Roundtable Meeting (extension if needed, otherwise the CAFAA General Meeting will begin)

  2:00pm -  4:00pm   CAFAA General Meeting


In recent years, CAFAA developed the regional AHJ Roundtable sessions that have been extremely informative and engaging for all parties involved with CAFAA. 

Taking collaboration between AHJs and the CAFAA General membership one step further, we are introducing our AHJ-CONTRACTOR ROUNDTABLE series. 

Your submitted questions will be posed to a mixed panel of AHJs and Industry professionals to answer (barring any company trade secrets, of course). 

How many answers from the industry professional(s) will match the AHJ’s? 

Submit your questions and attend to find out!

There will be 2 AHJs and 2 Industry professionals.


DOUG BLOOM (Fire Marshal, Moreno Valley Fire Dept.)

JEFF HALPERT (Sr. Fire Protection Engineer, TERPconsulting, Redondo Beach, CA)

PARI BAGAYEE (Supervising Fire Plans Examiner, Pasadena Fire Dept.)

STEVE SCHWARTZ (Sr. Project Mgr., Consolidated Fire Protection, Irvine, CA.)


  • As questions are submitted prior to the meeting, they will be reviewed by the CAFAA board, and if applicable will be added to the Advance Questions document, in order of submission AND with NO identification of the person posing it.  We are hoping that there will be more questions posed as well as possibly having more general Code questions asked.
  • Persons who have submitted questions should plan to attend the event to hear the responses/discussions as there will not be meeting minutes issued.
  • The Advance Questions will be provided to all attendees and the AHJs and Industry Professionals prior to the meeting in the form of a PDF sent to the attendee's email.  The Advance Questions are provided to the panelists so that the most thoughtful responses can be given at the meeting. 
  • Just prior to the meeting, we will provide you with the final PDF version of the Advance Questions.
  • CAFAA will not be issuing any discussion notes and/or response documentation, nor is any audio and/or video recording permitted.

ADVANCE QUESTIONS for SoCal Roundtable - submit to early, with the last date for submission                   June 9, 2023.

FREE for California FPOs

$95 for employees of a CAFAA member company

$120 for non-CAFAA member attendees

GUEST ROOMS at the meeting venue hotel:

Rooms available at the Atrium, please call the hotel at 949.833.2770 to make your reservation.

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