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      Willian (Bill) Hopple has been in the Fire Alarm industry for over 50 years and has played an integral role in the CAFAA organization, guiding it with a focus on education. 

      His legacy stems from his devotion to the educational aspects of Fire Technology and to his commitment to the industry and its people.   

      Many of its current leaders attended classes either developed and/or taught by Bill.  Others have reached out to him for problem-solving assistance – to which Bill never turned away those in need of his help.  He took the opportunity to make his answers into a teaching moment. 

      To Bill, 'knowledge was/is power'; he helped to guide people around him to be more powerful by teaching wherever and whenever possible.

      CAFAA re-names its scholarship 'THE BILL HOPPLE EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP' with the goal to continue to assist those who are driven to pursue their educational goals so that they too, may one day create their own legacy. 

      Hop’s Work Experience

      • 1968-1972 - United States Air Force
      • 1986-2006 - Simplex/Tyco
      • 2006-2020 - Hopple & Co, LLC
      • 2021-Present - Retired

       A little 'Hop' background:

      • CAFAA Member since 1982, including multiple Board of Director positions, including 5 years as the Association President.  Inducted as a CAFAA Honorary Member in 2021
      • SoCal FPO Devices Committee Co-Chair for over 20 years
      • C-10 Contractors License
      • NICET Level IV, Fire Alarm Systems
      • CA State Board of Fire Services Certified Fire Prevention Officer 1A and 1B
      • Taught Fire Alarm Systems design as requested for the University of Maryland, Fire Protection Engineering Department
      • Wrote the Basic Fire Alarm and design classes for the University of Oklahoma Fire Science program
      • California State Fire Marshal 'CERTIFIED' instructor since 1982
      • Taught Fire Protection Signaling Systems and Plan Check Requirements for the California State Fire Chiefs Association - Phase 1 and Phase 2
      • Taught Fire Alarm Systems and Fire Protection Features, as a State Fire Marshal required 2B class
      • Taught dozens of AFAA courses across the US
      • Taught additional fire protection classes internationally in Toronto, Canada, Monterey, Mexico, and Hamburg, Germany.
      • Personally developed 18 Fire Alarm Related courses for CAFAA 

      His Recognitions and Awards:

      • Automatic Fire Alarm Association - Service Award recipient in 1992 and 2013
      • California Automatic Fire Alarm Association - Art Kane Memorial Award in 1997
      • California Fire Chiefs, Fire Prevention Officers (FPO) Section "William Fox Award" in 1997
      • National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 3-SB Section 1998 "Man of the Year" award
      • Recipient of the Bourgeois & Associates Lifetime Code Wienie Award in 2015 
      • Personally responsible for the passing of Senate Bill 575 (2001) California to require automatic Fire Alarm Detection in all new and retrofitted schools 

CAFAA is proud to recognize William ‘Bill’ Hopple as an important influencer and one of the great educators of our industry technology standards.  

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    • SHIRA WEISS-ISHAI - $3,000 Scholarship Winner

    • Shira Weiss-Ishai will be attending the Joint Program between the Albert A. List College of Jewish Studies and Columbia University’s School of General Studies in the fall of 2023.  She will be studying Biology and Judaic Studies, with the desire to become a physician who is committed to providing compassionate care and addressing the broader societal factors that impact health.

DREW MIGUEL -$3,000 Scholarship Winner
    • Drew Miguel is currently attending Fresno City College, studying Civil Engineering.  With his degree in Engineering as a firm foundation, he wants to be able to design better structures whether those are buildings, roads, or bridges for California and the Central Valley where he lives.

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