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The name of the organization is the California Automatic Fire Alarm Association, (CAFAA).  The members of the organization are bound by the following Code of Ethics:  

1.    The total responsibility of the individuals and companies engaged in this industry is to our clients, the fire service, our communities and our country.  We therefore pledge ourselves to the highest standards of performance and professional competency.


2.    Honesty and integrity, in all matters, is our guiding business policy.  We shall deal fairly with our competitors, employees, subcontractors, suppliers, and all others with whom this organization has contact.


3.    We recognize our responsibility to maintain a high standard of life and property safety in the system we install and maintain.


4.    We are members of a progressive industry.  We will encourage development of equipment, materials and techniques, so that the consumer shall enjoy the greatest protection and value.


5.    We agree to encourage and support sound legislation affecting our industry and the people we serve.


6.    We hold inviolate the free enterprise system and the American Way of Life, and pledge support to our State Association, and to others concerned with the preservation of legitimate rights of freedom.


7.    We assume these responsibilities freely and solemnly, mindful that they are a part of our obligation as a member of the Association. 

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