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    Scholarship Application Details

    Are you a dependent of a CAFAA member and graduating from a California high school in 2023? 

     Or, are you already enrolled/accepted and tailoring your higher education goals towards the Fire Service?  

    If you answered 'yes' to either question, you could qualify for The Bill Hopple Educational Scholarship award!  

    This is a scholarship in the amount of $3,000.00 that will be awarded to the best candidate, either being a CAFAA member dependent, or anyone that is enrolled/accepted to a higher education program emphasizing Fire/Life-Safety or related fields.  

    Qualification Requirements

    1)   Must have been a California resident for the two years prior to the date of the application
    2)   Must be a dependent of a CAFAA member graduating from a California high school in 2023 and attending college in 2023
    3)   Must be under the age of 25 as of the April 30, 2023, and a student accepted or enrolled in vocational, technical or trade school, University or College emphasizing Fire & Life Safety (or related field) .

    Enter your data, print and sign the application form,  then follow the 'Submittal Procedure' detailed in Section 6 of the application

    2023 The Bill Hopple Educational Scholarship Key Dates

    February 01, 2023:  CAFAA begins accepting Scholarship Applications and supporting documents 

    May 13, 2023  Final Date for CAFAA acceptance of Scholarship Applications and supporting documents

    June 15, 2023:  CAFAA will announce the 2023 recipient at its June General Meeting 

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