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  • 06/17/2021 3rd Annual SoCAL AHJ Q&A Roundtable Meeting

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06/17/2021 3rd Annual SoCAL AHJ Q&A Roundtable Meeting

  • 06/17/2021
  • 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Internet


  • Individual CAFAA member, or an
    Employee of a CAFAA member company
  • Not an individual CAFAA member
    Not an employee of a CAFAA member company
    Not an active California FPO/AHJ

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  8:30am - 12:30pm  CAFAA AHJ Q&A Roundtable Meeting

12:30pm -   1:30pm  Break

  1:30pm -   4:00pm  CAFAA General Meeting

Each year, beginning in 1996, the California Automatic Fire Alarm Association (CAFAA) has hosted an event (the State Agency meeting) in Sacramento, where representative from the California State Fire Marshal's Office, the Division of the State Architect, Division of Occupational Safety and Health Planning & Development and the Building Standards Commission are invited to meet with some of their stakeholders.  This group includes CAFAA members, Manufacturer's and the AHJs.

The purpose of the State Agency meeting is to continue the open dialogue between the code enforcers, code promulgators and fire alarm system professionals on issues of mutual concern so that we may better serve the citizens of California.

Starting in 2019, CAFAA extended this concept to the practical level; that is, to have more focused discussions between the Code Enforcers (the AHJs) and the fire alarm system professionals in specific areas of California.   


  • BRIAN WEIDMAN, Deputy Fire Marshal, Long Beach FD

  • PARI BAGAYEE, Supervising Fire Plans Examiner, Pasadena FD

  • RICH SWANSON, Fire Prevention Analyst, Orange County Fire Authority

  • STEVE EROS, Deputy Fire Marshal, Huntington Beach FD


· As questions are submitted prior to the meeting, they will be added to the Advance Questions document, in order of submission.

· The Advance Questions will be provided to all attendees and the AHJs prior to the meeting in the form of a PDF sent to the attendee's email.  The Advance Question are provided to the panelists so that the most thoughtful responses can be given at the meeting 

· Just prior to the meeting, we will provide you with the final PDF version of the Advance Questions.

· During the meeting, all participants (except the panelists and moderators) will be muted.  If you wish to comment/questions, you will be un-muted by virtually raising your hand in the CHAT section.  

· Depending on the time spent on an individual issue, we may need to limit the discussion in order to address all of the other submitted questions.  Also, if multiple questions are submitted by one individual, we may ask that person, prior to or at the meeting, to select their most important question(s) for discussion.

· CAFAA will not be issuing any discussion notes and/or response documentation, nor is any audio and/or video recording permitted.


The meeting access information will be sent to you in your registration confirmation email.

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